Higher Education Support on YOUR Terms

SupportU helps students with the transition from High School to a University or College and beyond. The program offers emotional support services to help students address and overcome a range of challenges, like depression and anxiety, social stressors, academic challenges, and building resiliency skills. A proactive approach to their mental health.

The Challenge of Change

College life can be challenging, uncertain and overwhelming. Add to that the myriad of new responsibilities it brings and students can struggle to confidently and successfully adapt to these changes.

Students experience many of life’s firsts. The freedom of being “on their own” and all that comes with it—balancing class schedules, budgeting and finances, academics, career planning and social stressors.

Quick Support

After a student contacts our intake team and they will get connected with a support specialist, within 48-hours.


Students in the SupportU program will receive six (6) sessions with a support specialist. They will receive a welcome packet and information about how to get in touch if they need us.

On the right path

Confidential support services are delivered by qualified mental health support specialists. Services are available virtually or at our location, near OSU’s south campus.

By The Numbers


Number of students ­­ the average college has per one mental health professional in the U.S.

Qualified Mental Health Specialist

We all want the best healthcare for our kids, that should include mental health care. With SupportU, students can feel secure knowing that participants can schedule an appointment within 48-hours. Parents can feel the security of knowing professional services are available when their child needs it.

Confidential care
Support when you need it

The cost of SupportU compa­red to the average in-state tuition, room & board.


Student can meet confidentially, either in person or virtually, with a support coach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to quickly provide support to young adults using professional counselors as they continue to learn and grow through secondary education and work to become well-rounded adults.

SupportU Pricing

$1,000 includes 6 sessions.

Expiration Date

All packages are good for 1 year from purchase date.